Keep Uncle Sam Out of  Your Retirement Plan

You may be on your way to losing 30%-50% 
of your tax-deferred savings to taxes!

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Imagine Tax-Free Income During Retirement 

How much money have you allocated for Uncle Sam out of your retirement savings?  Your internal voice probably just said $0.  If so, that little voice is misguided!  When you elected to defer income in to an IRA, like a 401(k), you decided to partner with Uncle Sam.  When you make money, he makes money...the problem is, you have no idea what cut he is going to take when you decide to take your cut.  We call this the "Retirement Tax Trap" and you don't want to discover you're in the trap when you retire - by then it's too late!   

Hot Topic #1: How to Avoid the Retirement Tax-Trap

There are alternatives to deferring income.  That's right, pay tax now  (avoid the temptation) and put your never to be taxed again money to work for you and you alone - Sorry uncle Sam!

Hot Topic #2: Preparing for Future Tax Increases

When it comes to forecasting future tax rates, you need only look at two things. 1) past tax rates and 2) the National Debt.  If it was a weather forecast, their are some big storms on the horizon. 

Hot Topic #3: How to use  2018 Tax Reform to Avoid Retirement Taxation

Tax reform "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" is the first major overhaul of the tax code since 1986 (The Reagan Administration).  If you are not adjusting your tax plan yet, don't wait too long.  The tax savings will be temporary, your benefits will end in 2025.  

“I thought I was doing everything right, I was putting money in my 401-K for years!  I lost a huge chunk of my savings in 2009 when the market crashed.  I couldn't afford to lose another chunk if the market crashed again so I moved to a "safe fund" where I actually lost more in fees than I was making on the investment.  Jeff (Bad Uncle Sam Representatives) spent hours with my husband and I.  He was patient, extremely knowledgeable and very attentive to details. The tax-free retirement strategy he came up with is amazing!  I am now in a position where my funds are 100% safe and have a guaranteed minimum return.  When adding in the dividends I will get, I'll be in a position to take $41,000 in tax-free distributions until I am 90 years my Social Security income!  I strongly recommend the Bad Uncle Sam strategy to anyone here in the Hudson Valley; I have referred several of my closest friends to this program and will continue to do so."  

Margaret H.
Fishkill, NY

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Keep Uncle Sam Out of  Your Retirement Plan

You may be on your way 
to losing 30% - 50% 
of your tax-deferred savings 
to taxes!

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